Exotics Con 2022

I will be out of the office from Monday August 15th until Monday August 22nd for the ExoticsCon conference in Denver, CO and will reply to your messages when I return by the end of September 2022..  Please see the Previous post for emergency clinic information.

Lindsey and I look forward to this conference annually and learning about the latest advancements in avian, herp, piscine and small mammal medicine and surgery.

Please remember I am still available for current clients as previously instructed but taking a very limited number of new clients.  We still DO NOT do grooming only appointments and will not offer these ever as it is not in the best interest of our patients.


I am attending the ExoticsCon conference this weekend but I will periodically check my messages at https://aevhs.smart.vet.  For e-mails, I will reply to correspondence early the following week.    I am sorry for the inconvenience, but my brain is off and learning about all of the new developments in avian medicine and surgery this weekend!